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  • jim baker (Private)
    1 year 2 months ago
    my husband jimmy baker was in Vietnam your unit 67 68 dak to and tet and plei ku sorry for spelling trying to locate some of his buddies he is very ill agent orange and copd trying to give him someone to talk to that was with him he also was in lrrps thanks
    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      1 year 2 months ago
      Tell Jimmy I said WELCOME HOME, and thank him for his service for me. 

      I was there at DAK TO in 1969, but I have forwarded your message on to a friend that might be able to help, he was in LRRPS at DAK TO, maybe not at same time as Jimmy.
  • 1 year 3 months ago
    I do not have any pictures of my relatives, till i came across here.
    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      1 year 3 months ago
      Really?  That makes this website all worth it to hear words like that, that's my purpose is to share so others can enjoy.

      WHAT Album was it in that is your relatives?  Go to the bottom of one of the pictures and send me a comment, I will receive an email thru Fotki, then I'll know.

      Thanks again for viewing.  You have my permission to COPY any picture you see on my website.
  • Robert Cape (Private)
    1 year 6 months ago
    Thanks so much for the photos. I was in the 156th H.E.M. company in Qui Nhon and Da Nang at the same time as John Reinhart, whom I remember. 1968-1969. I was on the detail that built the compound in Da Nang. - Professional sandbag filler.
    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      1 year 6 months ago
      Thank you for your service. SALUTE.  Do you have any pictures of your tour with th e 156th, you'd allow me to display, like others like my good friend and neighbor: http://eraya.fotki.com/milphoto/rvn/rnl/

      If you do, send me an email and start emailing me 2-3 in each email and tell me a little about each picture and I will gladly make an Album for you.

      Thanks, and again, thanks for your service.

      E. Ray Austin, MSG, USA, Retired
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    1 year 9 months ago
    Hi Ray.  First off "Welcome Home Brother".  I was with HQ Company 62nd Maint.  From July '70 to July '71.  Loved looking at your pictures, brought back old memories.  I drove a wrecker and did some road trips to some of the same places you were.  The pictures of the wreckers changing out a 175 barrel reminds me of when I had to go to Kontum for a change out.  Laughed at the operators sitting at the controls running the levers backwards.  I operated a wrecker for 2 1/2 years (1 1/2 in Germany before Nam) and can't say that I ever tried doing what they were.  Things were crazy over there.  I wasn't in country but a couple of months and someone (U.S. Soldier) took a hand grenade to the C.O.'s office and blew it up.  Saw it happen but not who did it.  Glad we all made it home safe. 
    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      1 year 9 months ago
      WELCOME HOME Steve, and thank you for your service too.  Glad you enjoyed the pictures and I too like to look over them pretty often. Vietnam was a time in my life that I am proud to have served.  Thanks again and if you have any pictures to share let me know, I'd be glad to make you an Album on my website.
    • (Anonymously) (Private)
      1 year 9 months ago
      By the way, My name is Steve Short from Nebraska
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    1 year 11 months ago
    hey hello ray, I was at dakto from august 68 to jan. 69 near the river at the east side near the airstrip, my memories of that place will stay with me. we moved from there went to fire base blackhawk then on to an-khe until deros out. thanks for the photos I have seen brought memories I have forgotten over the years.welcome home brother

    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      1 year 9 months ago
      WELCOME HOME to you as well, Tom.  What Unit were you with before you left at DAK TO?  I was with HHB 1st Bn 92nd Artillery there from late Jan 1969 then around Aug-Sep we moved down to the ARVN MACV Compound and turned DAK TO over to the ARVN Military.
      • (Anonymously) (Private)
        1 year 9 months ago
        I was with d. company 704th main. drove convoys up and down ql-14 to plekiu and back. went to ben-het and other bases along the border. still think of dakto with memories will stay with me like rocket ridge and many yang pass near an-khe. 
  • Don Farrar (Private)
    2 years 6 months ago
    I was a combat engineer in the 299th Engineer Battalion
    Company D, stationed in DakTo in 1969. I was wounded on June 23 will performing
    a mind sweep on the road to Ben Het, my team was ambushed just before we made
    it to Ben Het. I never did find out what happened to the rest of my team that
    day, I was transported to a naval hospital in Tokyo and then back to the
    states. You very helpful in my understanding of what my last mission was all
    about. Thank you so much, Don 
    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      2 years 6 months ago
      Welcome Home, Don.  Glad you made it back home after Vietnam. I'm assuming you saw the pictures and article on my website at http://eraya.fotki.com/militaryphoto/rvn/era1/ and I'm glad you found something that helps you remember your time at DAK TO.  You can copy anything I have on my website that you want.

      Do you have any pictures from your time in Vietnam?  If you do I'd love to display them on my website for others to see.  Just let me know.
  • 2 years 6 months ago
    My brother Roy and I were with the 149th Maintenance Co 69-70. He worked in the shops and I was a cook. I was with Dege and Dudley just before their deaths. Dege and I ran around a bit. He had just returned some tapes he borrowed before picking up Nusser. Dudley and I came in country the same time. We worked and ran around together. He bought an AR-15 and had it in his wall locker. The day he killed himself, I convinced him to come to work, but he sneaked back to the hootch and shot himself with the AR-15. There was an investigation and working conditions were improved. I have snapshots and the photo album scanned that the Korean's did for us.
  • Terry Stefl (Private)
    2 years 6 months ago
    Was Chaplain Assistant at 45th Group/ 62nd Maint. btn 1970-71 Log Center.  Remember well loss of co, clerk.

  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    2 years 6 months ago
    I like the site, was with 794th most of time ay fire bases changing 175 gun tubes out. Also retired in 1991. Noted that Company commander Cpt Dickinson went on to make General and the Chief of Ordance. My 1970 62nd Maintenance BN year book is getting worn but holds many memories Welcone Hom
  • charlie (Private)
    2 years 8 months ago
    I was a waitress at the 156th and then at the Beach Club at 80th Group and later for the 84th Engr Bn. My nickname was Charlie
    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      2 years 8 months ago
      Thanks, Charlie, and WELCOME HOME.

      I hope that these picture albums have been a help for people like yourself, in remembering your days in Vietnam.  Do you have any pictures to share?  If so, send them to me and I'll gladly post them.
  • 2 years 9 months ago
    Hi Ray,
    I was assigned HHC 12th CAG as a SP5 worked in the "club system" headquarters as the pay specialist for all civilian workers in the 32 club system.  I was transfered from HHC 10th CAG, Dong Ba Thin, when the unit closed down in early 72.  Also worked as a general flunky in the club system there also.  Want to find photos to try and remember the place better.
    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      2 years 9 months ago
      Hi Larry, welcome.

      Here is an email I have Cut & Pasted for you with some men you may remember and also 3 Photo Albums with pictures.

      E. Ray Austin sent me the updated links to his Vietnam
      photos, some of which are from the 12th CAG.

      They have also been updated on our Links page











      Also had the following question from Max Dover


      "One of the interesting facts about all the years of
      photographs that we've compiled. No one has posted a photograph of an
      individual that I remember as "Mop". He was the head cook at the
      Officers Club/Mess. When I left in August of '71 he was an E8 and business
      partner with LTG Davidson from II Field Force Hqs. I know he was there for many
      years. Anyone else remember him?"





      Also, a question from Earl Rice:


      "Any photos of the Medics at HHC 12th AVN
      Group?  I was there from August 1968 to
      April 1969, with SP5 Charley Pearson (Medic), Major Eric Lindstrom (Doctor),
      Sgt Terry, Sp4 Jay Page (Chaplin Asst), and Sp4 Jim Parker (Motor Pool)?"


  • 2 years 9 months ago
    Hello Ray,
    My name is John MacKenzie and I arrived in RVN Feb 1972 and assigned to HHC 12th CAG a SP4 in the commo section. I spent the first few months at Plantation. I worked Radios in the commo bunker 7 days a week 7am to 7pm. I have been trying to sort thru my memories but slow going. I have been looking for a decent map of Plantation, pictures of the company area and I would really like to locate a picture of the commo bunker. When we moved to Long Binh I ended up with a large mounted print of it at night. I think it came from one of the Officers hotches. It did not make it home with me. I watched the fire that burnt it down near the end of our move to LB. I stayed with HHC all my tour to LB (watched the ammo dump blow up there) and later to Saigon (in time for the peace treaty) and then out of RVN Feb 1973. Love to hear from anyone that share experiences there. 
    Thanks for the website, good work, John
    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      2 years 9 months ago
      Hi John, good to hear from you. Hope life is and has been good to you and, WELCOME HOME.

      I have a couple of email addresses of people that was with HHC 12th CAG when I was there, you might already have them but just in case, I'll send them again, and, I have 2-3 Photo Albums on my website of pictures from 12th CAG, some that I took and some others have shared.  DO YOU HAVE ANY that you could send to me and let me add them?

      Here is Max Dover: md5903@comcast.net
      Here is Wayne Fitzgerald: wlfitz@verizon.net
      Here is Steve Nagle: stevenagle2635@gmail.com

      Here is three I have inside the COMMO Bunker and you can see them in one of the Albums below.:
      1-http://eraya.fotki.com/militaryphoto/rvn/erayrvn5/ - You can find DON WILKERSON on Facebook.
      3- http://eraya.fotki.com/militaryphoto/rvn/erayrvn5/10-copy.html - Me sitting by the Radios, I'm sure you remember these.

      My Photo Albums of the 12th CAG:

      I hope you held on to some of your pictures and will share them with us.

      Stay in touch,

      E. Ray Austin, MSG, USA, Ret.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    3 years ago
    Hello Ray,
    My name is J.C. Wilson, and I was assigned to the 72nd Arty Grp @ Peden Barracks.   I arrived there on Xmas Day of 1960  - June 1963.  I was a Radio Teletype Operator, and worked out of the  2 1/2 ton truck which housed the cab of the radio site.   There were 2 nets,  72nd Group used the most powerful transmitter, and the 7th Corp (out of Stuttgart)  used the smaller radio (GR-9) if my memory serves me correctly, which sat on a cabinet located on the left side and to the front of the cab.   How am I doing so far?  That was some good duty!!!!!!   I was the senior operator when I rotated back to the states.   I've come across 2 other vets that served with the 72nd.   I'll did up their info and give it to you.   Please respond.

    J.C. Wilson
    • E. RAY AUSTIN Premium user United States (Private)
      3 years ago
      Nice to me you Mr. Wilson, and thanks for your reply and info about the 72nd at Peden Barracks.

      Go to this Album on my website http://eraya.fotki.com/erfp/afd/e-ray/era-1/ and go down 38 pictures, starting with Photo #033 of me sitting on a blanket at the Schwimmbad in Wertheim, Germany and going down to picture #052 which is me standing outside of a German Bier Hall, I think it was called "Mamma Sites" of something like that, located at the end of the bridge in Wertheim.  I would love a scanned copy of any pictures you might have of your stay there, and anything else you remember.

      If you are familiar with using the following Link www.google.com/maps/ as well as "Google Earth" you can visit Werthein again. Cut and Paste this Link in your internet browser: https://www.google.com/maps/@49.7572484,9.5065751,2438m/data=!3m1!1e3

      You were there before me, I arrived in Jan 1965 and left in Jan 1967.  I remember the RTT trucks parked out back of the barracks, but I don't remember going inside them.  I was a 36K Wireman at the time. I did work in the Message Center for a while. I have nothing but good memories of that 2 years at Peden Barracks.  
  • Robert (Private)
    3 years ago
    Sorry Rasy I can't seem to put a URL on your site for some reason. Sorry I messed up your guestbook. Welcome home to you too.


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